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Mod post: 2018 bingo game - Round 2 voting now open [Now CLOSED as of 12/15/17]

As with the first round, please vote for 10 of the remaining categories. After a week or so, I'll tally the votes and the 6 categories that have the most votes will make it onto the card, the others will be placed back in the list for the next round of voting.

I'd like for us to choose six categories per week through the month of December.

First round results:

(Please see this post for more info on vote totals and other info.)

Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Supernatural
Published the year you were born
Children's or YA book
One Word Title
Fanfic of at least 100k words

Comments will be screened until time to tally the votes.


(Some of these I tweaked the wording on, but these are all the ones suggested)

  • Non-fiction

  • Journal/Periodic Publication

  • Biography/Autobiography

  • Script/Screenplay

  • True Crime

  • Poetry/Play

  • Horror

  • A Classic

  • Comic/Graphic Novel

  • Blind Book (pick a random free ebook, or possibly even letting a random generator pick a book from your TBR list)

  • Favorite re-read

  • Diverse reads (books written by POC or LGBTQA authors or books that feature POC or LGBTQA characters)

  • Out of your comfort zone (a book outside of your preferred genres)

  • Number or color in the title

  • Animal on the cover

  • TV tie-in/Turned into a TV show

  • Set on or near a holiday

  • A Romance

  • Never judge a book by its movie (basically any book that has been turned into a movie, regardless of the movie's quality)

  • Recommended by a friend, family member, or colleague

  • Published this year (2018, of course)

  • Humor/Satire

  • Re-read a book you disliked

  • Main character shares your name

  • A book at or near the bottom of your "to read" pile

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