Jennifer (stellar_raven) wrote in ljbookbingo,

~LJ Book Bingo - 2017 List of Participants~

The below list is current as of January 14th, 2017.

keli - Master post | Goodreads | Booklikes
stellar_raven - Master post | Goodreads | Booklikes
green_wing - Master post | Goodreads
justjo2u - Master post | Goodreads
fififolle - Master post
clea2011 - Master post | Goodreads
fionnabhar - Master post
tli - Master post

If you have a Goodreads, Booklikes, or other book related site that you'd like linked in addition to your master post, please let us know in the comments (and provide a link!), and we'll edit it in.

Reminder: Locked or unlocked master posts are at the discretion of each player and therefore the above posts may not (and are not required to) be viewable to everyone.
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