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The Pigeonhole

Another opportunity for free or greatly reduced e-books with an added challenge if you want it. Books are released to you in installments called 'staves', and you have 24 hours to read that section before it vanishes! Can you keep up?

Don't worry if you can't. Once the 'in play' book ends it transfers to your bookshelf in full so you can read it at your leisure.

All classic fiction is free, contempory titles vary between £2 and £5 (or currency equivalent), but when each new title is up for release they offer a limited number of free passes so you can still get it for nothing.

I signed up last night and will receive my first 'stave' on Monday when the book begins! It's a new one but there were still free spaces available. (It tells you how many free spaces are left when you click on the book.)

Check out the site for more. Sign up for free with email or facebook. Once you've signed up you can select the type of books you'd like to see and select future books up to the start of January.

Edit - the app is available from Google Play and the App Store. I set my account up on my laptop though on their website and books can be read that way too.

Further edit - make sure to check your account and sort out what email notifications you want. I think they are default set to send a notifications every time someone commends on a book but you can turn this off. (I woke up to about 50 emails this morning! HAHA!!)
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