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~LJ Book Bingo - Rules Post~

First of all, both keli and I would like to welcome you to not only the bingo game, but the community as well. We thought a community would be a nice way to keep certain information easily accessible to all participants as well a centralized location to announce drawings/winners. However, our intent is that the bulk of the activity still take place in our personal journals.

Start date: January 1st, 2017
End date: December 31st, 2017

Hosted by: keli andstellar_raven

See also: List of Players | Report Your Bingo

Here's the card:


01. You can sign up at any point during the year.

02. One square per book. In other words, you'd need to read 25 books to fill in the whole card. Filling the whole card, or even bingo-ing isn't necessary to play.

03. The free space does require a book to be read before it can be marked off, however, absolutely any book can be used for this square.

04. Ways to bingo: across, down, diagonal, and a combination of the four corner squares and the center square.

05. We kept the categories as broad as we could for the most part in order to make choosing books that fit each square as stress free as possible. However, if you need help with any squares, please feel to ask for suggestions. We are happy to help!

06. In order to make it easier for us to keep up with everyone's cards, we ask that you make a master post in your own journals which includes your card and will be updated with a list of the books that you've read and what square you assigned them to. We would like to suggest that users have their master posts unlocked, but this is not a requirement if you are uncomfortable doing so.

07. Please make a comment in this post with a link to your master post, so that we may add you to the list of players.

08. It is not required to share your book reviews, but if you choose to do so, we request that you post the review in your personal journal, then link to it here provided you feel comfortable enough to have the post unlocked.

09. To mark your card, you can use any photo editing software you have, or there are also online options available. Please feel free to ask if you require any assistance.

10. The full size card can be found by clicking on the card above, or by clicking here.

11. To report a bingo, please post either your card or a link to your master post in the Report Your Bingo! post which is linked here and in the sidebar.

12. Prizes! We didn't mention that before, did we? Every three months (or at the end of March, June, September, and December) all participants who have bingoed at least once will be eligible for a drawing of a small prize. Every bingo is eligible for an entry - up to three entries per 3 month period. All drawings will be made using a random number generator. (Further info about how the drawings will work will be posted closer to time of the first drawing.)

Any questions? Please feel free to ask! Also, please see the community's sidebar for a list of handy links.

**Above all, have fun! The whole point of this is to encourage fun, friendship, reading, and discussion. We absolutely do not want this to be difficult or stressful for anyone.

Reminder: Locked or unlocked master posts or review posts are at the discretion of each player and therefore those posts may not (and are not required to) be viewable to everyone.
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