Jennifer (stellar_raven) wrote in ljbookbingo,

Mod post: DW back up/mirror community

keli and I both thought it might be prudent for this community to be backed up at Dreamwidth. We have created a mirror community which can be found here. I've started an import, and am waiting for the entries and comments to carry over. I've also imported the theme.

Some important things to note:

At this time, the mirror community is for back up purposes only.

For that reason, the mirror comm is currently invite only, as we intend to use it only for the sole purpose of backing up this community for the time being. Should that ever change, we will make an announcement, and open that community so that people may join freely.

That being said, after I post this, I will be issuing invites to the members of this community who I know have DW accounts. If you are a member of this community and do not receive an invite, please comment here with a link to your DW account, so we can invite you..

And with that being said, lol, please do not start any new threads in the mirror cumminity until the community is no longer invite only. Trying to keep up with the game on two different journaling sites is not something either keli and myself would prefer to do, heh. All new threads should be started here in the main community.

I think that's about it. If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to ask!
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