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20 Questions Book Meme Game!



To participate, just leave a comment “let’s play” and then other participants respond to the thread with a number corresponding the questions they want you to answer.
Then the participant should respond by listing the book that you feel best fulfills the description from the books you have read for the bingo so far (however, if you haven’t read a book yet that fits the description, then list any book that you have read that does).


1. What book has the best friendship (I.e: male/male, male/female & female/female etc)?
2. Book that best describes your life?
3. Best main female character?
4. Best main male character?
5. What book was an unexpected treasure?
6. Book that featured a diverse character (I.e: LGBT, disabled, person of colour etc)?
7. Best romance (any sexual orientation)?
8. Best villain?
9. Best plot?
10. Funniest-laugh-out-loud book?
11. What are you reading right now?
12. Least favorite book you read as part of this year’s bingo so far?
13. Favorite book you’ve read for this year’s bingo so far?
14. Are you reading one book at a time, or several at once?
15. Have your reading habits changed since starting this year’s bingo?
16. Read a book that was out of your comfort zone?
17. Did you read a book in which hype ruined your reading experience?
18. A book that made you stop reading halfway through?
19. A book that you expected to like but didn’t?
20. A book that made you angry?

List of Participants:

+ ella_rose88 - Thread
+ aeris444 - Thread
+ ms_geekette - Thread
+ gilda_elise - Thread
+ gallaghers - Thread
+ brunettepet - Thread

Have fun :)
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