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Report your bingo here! (2019) - Part 2 - NOW CLOSED

This post works exactly the same as the first post. In fact, I'm going to copy and paste keli's original text here. The original post was nearing 300 comments, and it was getting a bit hard to follow along at times. We may start a third post at a later date.

Called bingoes will be posted in the List of Reported Bingoes post.

Please remember to put what bingo you're on (Bingo #1, Bingo #2, etc.) in the subject line of your comment.


We are going to do things a bit differently for the 2019 ljbookbingo. We will have one prize that will be drawn from those who achieve bingos throughout the year. Each bingo will get your name in the drawing, with an extra given to those who blackout their cards. So in essence, you have FOURTEEN chances to get your name in the drawing.

Therefore, instead of having quarterly reportings, we will have just one continuous thread in which you will report your bingo(s).

Please comment below each time you achieve a bingo, with BINGO #1, BINGO #2, etc., in the subject line.

As like 2018, you can either link to your master post (which should contain an updated version of your card), or if your master post is locked and not viewable to all, you can also post a direct link to your card itself and list the books you used for each square in a comment.

Reminder - Ways to Bingo

- Across (5 chances to bingo)


- Down (5 chances to bingo)


- Diagonal (either direction - 2 chances to bingo)


- Four Corners + Center Square (1 chance to bingo)

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