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Mod post: Announcement regarding Dreamwidth

keli and I have been discussing this, and we have decided to allow reporting of bingoes to also take place on DW for those who want to play, but have an aversion to posting at LJ. All other rules still apply - you must sign up via the signup post at LJ or DW so we can have an accurate accounting of who's playing.

The complete list of players will be on LJ.

A lot of you may not know, but we also have a mirror community on DW (dwbookbingo) To this point it's only been used to back up the main LJ community, just in case...which is something I actually need to remember to do more often. *blushes*

Membership to the DW community is by invite only, and posting access is restricted to myself (stellar_raven), keli, and justjo2u (justjo2dw at DW) for the time being.

Please only use the DW community to report bingoes if you are uncomfortable posting on LJ. Otherwise, please report bingoes on LJ.

All posts (mod posts, discussion posts, resources, quizzes/mems, etc.) are still to be posted on ljbookbingo.

This post and the Report Your Bingo post will be sticky at DW, and this post will also be in the sidebar at both communities.

The community has grown by leaps and bounds this year, which is amazing and surprising when you factor in that this all began because keli and I decided to make up our own bingo card to challenge each other, and then decided to share it with our friends lists. This community was born as a way for those few who played that first year to keep track of what the others were reading. We never imagined that by the third year we'd have nearly 50 players and so much interest in the game.

So, please allow us some time to adjust to the growing pains we're experiencing. We want to make this game open to anyone who wants to play, and we're doing everything we can to make that possible without overwhelming ourselves in the process.

If you'd like an invite to the DW community, please let us know.

At LJ - comment to this post.
At DW - please message stellar_raven, keli (our usernames are the same at both places), or justjo2dw.

Thank you again the extraordinary interest you all have shown in the game. Questions? Please ask!

(I'll work on updating the DW community's theme to match LJ at a later date.)
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