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Mod post: How to mark your card.

The first step is to save the card of your choice (both are in the rules post) to your device (computer, tablet, smartphone). Once you've done that, you need to edit the card with the marker of your choice. Last year several of us used the covers of the books we read to mark our cards. (Here's my master post from last year with my completed card as an example.) But you could use any sort of graphic/marker you wanted. Or even just mark it with an "X".

There are a myriad of free photo editors you can use, either by installing the software on your computer, via an app on your tablet/smartphone, or online. If you use one that you really like and find it easy to work with, please let us know in the comments. Maybe we could work up a resources post.

NOTE: The tutorial I am about to share is using the free online version of BeFunky, and a desktop computer running Windows 7. (They also have free apps, but I have little to no experience with them. Though, keli, and I both discovered that the app differs greatly from the online editor.)

You can click on the full screen images below to see them actual size.

So, the first thing you want to do is click on "Photo editor" at the top of the page.


Once the edior opens, you'll need to click on "Upload" at the top of the page.


When you do that, you'll get a drop down menu giving you options of where you want to upload your image from. I'm choosing "computer" as that's where I have my image saved.


Once you choose where you're uploading your image from, you can then search and find your copy of the bingo card. Once it's uploaded, you'll see this:


Now you're ready to mark your card.

For this tutorial, I'm using the book cover for the audiobook, The Murderer's Son, by Joy Ellis (and wonderfully narrated by Richard Armitage).


To add an image to the card, you'll need to click on "Graphics" (or the heart) on the left had side of the page.

Once you do that, the following menu will open:


There are several categories listed, all of which feature free graphics/stickers you could use to mark your card. Ones that aren't free are indicated as "plus". But for the purposes of this tutorial, as I am using an outside image as a marker, we're going to click on the "add your own" button.


When you click on that, it will open up a dialogue box, so that you can choose your image. It will then appear on top of your card as a layer.


Now, as you can see, the book cover is far too big. So, you can use the blue dots at the corners of the image to resize it to make it fit. Just drag them in or out as needed. And then drag the image to the square you're wishing to cover. (I'm using this book for the "audiobook/ebook" square.)


If you're happy with the way it looks, you can then save your image. Me, I like for the marker to be a bit transparent so that you can still see the square underneath. That's personal choice, though. If you are interested in how to do that, just ask and I will answer in the comments section.

To save your now marked card, click save at the top of the screen, and when the drop down menu opens, choose where you want to save it.


When the next dialogue box opens, you'll want to make sure that you move the slider over from 90% to 100% because you want your card to save in the highest quality.


Once you do that, you can then click "save" and choose where you want to save your image.

Thanks to thesmallhobbit for providing detailed information about how the process works on BeFunky with Windows 10. If you are using that OS and BeFunky to edit your card, please click here to read more.

NOTE: This tutorial is for the online version of BeFunky only. The apps will work differently. Other software/sites will also work differently. I know I already mentioned that before the cut, but it bears repeating.

You are not required to use this particular site/software to mark your cards. I used this as the tutorial as it's the one I'm most familiar with. I also have PhotoImpact X3 and Photoscape on my computer, so I am also able to help with those. Any other photo editing software, we will do our best to help you with.

Any questions please ask and will we try our best to help.
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