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Mod post: 4th quarter & year end drawing winners!

To officially bring 2018 LJ Book Bingo to a close, I am happy to announce the winners of the 4th quarter and End of Year drawings!

These are the people that were eligible for the 4th quarter drawing:

1. cordeliadelayne
 2. schweet_heart
 3. capriceum
 4. honor_reid
 5. deinonychus_1
 6. fififolle
 7. aeris444
 8. spikedluv
 9. justjo2u
10. wendelah1
11. cornerofmadness

And according to, this is our winner:

Screenshot_2019-01-01 RANDOM ORG - True Random Number Service-1
Congrats to fififolle!!!

These are the people eligible for the End of Year drawing:

1. cordeliadelayne
 2. little_huntress
 3. little_huntress
 4. little_huntress
 5. schweet_heart
 6. schweet_heart
 7. brunettepet
 8. capriceum
 9. cordeliadelayne
10. cordeliadelayne
11. honor_reid
12. honor_reid
13. honor_reid
14. capriceum
15. deinonychus_1
16. fififolle
17. aeris444
18. aeris444
19. spikedluv
20. aeris444
21. fififolle
22. capriceum
23. deinonychus_1
24. spikedluv
25. spikedluv
26. justjo2you
27. justjo2you
28. justjo2you
29. wendelah1
30. deinonychus_1
31. wendelah1
32. wendelah1
33. cornerofmadness
34. cornerofmadness
35. cornerofmadness
36. fififolle

And says that this is our winner:

Screenshot_2019-01-01 RANDOM ORG - True Random Number Service-2

Congrats to capriceum!!!

On behlaf of keli and myself, thank you to everyone who played and for helping this community to grow. When we first started this, we had no idea that it would generate the interest that it has. We look forward to another fun year of reading!

fififolle, I will be in contact with you shortly via pm about your icon. :)

capriceum, my co-mod, keli, will be in touch with you later tonight about your prize.

Congrats again to our winners!
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