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Mod post: 2019 Category Substitutions list/graphics and Wild Card graphics

New for 2019 are category substitutions. You will have two category substitutions that you may use in addition to two wild cards.

Substitutions work like this:

Below is a list of 12 categories that did not make the 2019 card. You may choose to substitute a category on the card with one on the posted list if necessary (if you're having trouble filling a square, etc.). So, somewhat like a wild card, but it's not as anything goes.

Some notes:

  • Only the categories listed below can be used as substitutions.

  • You may only use a category one time.

  • In order to make it easier for us to track, you need to indicate in your master post that you're using a substitution or a wildcard. (Here's my master post from this year as an example. You can see where I indicated a wildcard used.)

2019 Category Substitutions List

1. Romance
2. Less than 200 pages long
3. A book that won an award
4. Spin-off or shared universe
5. First person POV
6. A Classic
7. An anthology of short stories
8. A book that features a character with a disability
9. An author's debut novel
10. Set in the future
11. Animal on the cover
12. 100k+ word fanfic

Here's the graphics I made for use in book review posts or to place on the card if wanted:

2019cs1 2019cs2

Wild cards operate the same as they did last year:

Wildcards are just that: wild. That means you may use any book to fill the square you are choosing to use the wildcard on. Fanfic is also eligible to be used for wildcards. They must, however, be over 30k long. No drabbles, ficlets, etc. You have a limit of two to use throughout the year.


2019wc1 2019wc2

There will be an updated rules post coming soon. Please bear with us as it takes a bit to get all the pieces in place and we're working on this in our spare time. Thank you for your patience.
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