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Mod post: 2019 bingo game - Final round voting now open. NOW CLOSED AS OF 12/17/18

Under the cut is a list of 45 out of 67 categories we've had suggested. (Please see this post for more information.) What we'd like you (and keli and I, too) to do is to vote for 10 of them you'd like to see on the final card. After a week or so, I'll tally the votes and the 6 categories that have the most votes will make it onto the card, the others will be placed back in the list for the next round of voting. I'd like for us to choose six categories per week for the next three weeks.

Comments will be screened until time to tally the votes.

Categories that passed the previous rounds are struck through.

Final round, folks!!

  1. Audiobook/Ebook

  2. A Self Help Book

  3. A Book You Wanted to Read as a Child but Never Did

  4. Biography/Autobiography/Non-Fiction

  5. Book that is Part of a Trilogy

  6. Number or Color in the Title

  7. Comic/Graphic Novel

  8. A Book Set in Your State or Country or Written by a Local Author

  9. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Supernatural/Paranormal/UF

  10. Horror

  11. Title Starts with the First Letter of Your Name

  12. Favorite Childhood Book

  13. Title is at least 6 Words Long

  14. Cookbook/Food Memoir/Lifestyle

  15. A New-to-You author

  16. Movie Tie-in/Made into a Movie

  17. A Book Recommended to You

  18. Romance

  19. A Book You Read in a Day

  20. Published This Year (2019)

  21. Mystery/Crime/True Crime

  22. Diverse Reads (LBGTQA and/or POC characters or LGBTQA and/or POC author)

  23. An Author's Debut Novel

  24. TV Tie-in/Turned into a TV Show

  25. A Banned Book

  26. A Book Set on or Near a Holiday

  27. A Travel Book

  28. Children's/YA Book

  29. A Favorite Re-Read

  30. By a Female Author

  31. Book that is Part of a Series (4+ books long)

  32. A Book You Chose Based on the Cover

  33. Book by an Author who Shares Your Initials

  34. One Word Title

  35. A Book with a Disabled Character

  36. A Book Written by an 80's Star (ex Alison Arngrim from Little House on the Prairie)

  37. Spinoff/Shared Universe

  38. Unreliable Narrator

  39. Animal on the Cover

  40. Set in a Country/Place You'd Like to Visit

  41. Historical (fiction or non-fiction)

  42. 100k+ Word Fanfic

  43. Fairy Tale/Fairy Tale Retellings

  44. First Person POV

  45. A Book that Won an Award

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