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Mod post: 2019 bingo game - Category List..and a slight change.

First of all, let me just say, "WOW!!" keli and I were both blown away by the amount of categories suggested this year. Last year, we struggled to get to 31 categories and this time--even after much combining of similar suggestions--we ended up with a whopping 67 categories. Thank you to everyone who posted suggestions.

Here's the list:

  1. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Supernatural/Paranormal/UF

  2. Horror

  3. 100k+ Word Fanfic

  4. Biography/Autobiography/Non-Fiction

  5. Number or Color in the Title

  6. Country or City in the Title

  7. A Classic

  8. Anthology of Short Stories

  9. By a Female Author

  10. Romance

  11. Less than 100 pages long

  12. Less than 200 pages long

  13. More than 600 pages long

  14. Audiobook/Ebook

  15. Poetry/Play

  16. Comedy/Humor/Satire

  17. Diverse Reads (LBGTQA and/or POC characters or LGBTQA and/or POC author)

  18. A Book with a Disabled Character

  19. Hero Vs Villain

  20. Title Starts with the First Letter of Your Name

  21. Author from Your Native Country

  22. Set in the Future

  23. Fairy Tale/Fairy Tale Retelling

  24. Favorite Childhood Book

  25. Book that is Part of a Trilogy

  26. Book that is Part of a Series (4+ books long)

  27. Historical (fiction or non-fiction)

  28. A Book Not Originally Written in Your Native Language

  29. Myths and Legends

  30. Comic/Graphic Novel

  31. A Book Recommended to You

  32. Published This Year (2019)

  33. At or Near the Bottom of Your TBR Pile

  34. Book from BBC's list of “100 Books to Read Before You Die” [Link]

  35. A Book that Won an Award

  36. An Author's Debut Novel

  37. Mystery/Crime/True Crime

  38. A Banned Book

  39. Book from a Detective Series

  40. A Second Chance Book (A book you gave up on once upon a time)

  41. Animal on the Cover

  42. TV Tie-in/Turned into a TV Show

  43. Movie Tie-in/Made into a Movie

  44. A Book Published or Set in the 20th Century (1901-2000)

  45. Action/Adventure

  46. Children's/YA Book

  47. One Word Title

  48. Cookbook/Food Memoir/Lifestyle

  49. First Person POV

  50. A Travel Book

  51. Title is at least 6 Words Long

  52. Set in a Country/Place You'd Like to Visit

  53. Unreliable Narrator

  54. Unusual format (second person POV, through letters/Epistolary, through text messages, etc.)

  55. A New-to-You author

  56. Spinoff/Shared Universe

  57. Inspired by/Based on Social or Political Issue – Past or Present

  58. An Author Famous for Something Else (YouTuber, Celebrity, Blogger, Sportsperson, TV Presenter etc.)

  59. A Book You Wanted to Read as a Child but Never Did

  60. Book by an Author who Shares Your Initials

  61. A Self Help Book

  62. A Book You Chose Based on the Cover

  63. A Book Set in Your State or Country or Written by a Local Author

  64. A Book Written by an 80's Star (ex Alison Arngrim from Little House on the Prairie)

  65. A Book You Read in a Day

  66. A Favorite Re-Read

  67. A Book Set on or Near a Holiday

And here's the slight change: keli and I have discussed this, and since there is such a huge amount of categories to vote for, we decided to use a random number generator to whittle the list down to 45. I'm in the process of getting the first round voting post up which will have that list included.

BUT...I will let you all in on a new rule that we're implementing for 2019. In addition to the two wildcards, the 2019 game will also include two square substitutions.

Those will work like this:

We will post a substitution list at the start of the year. It will be comprised of 8-10 categories not included on the final card. If you are having trouble with a square and don't have a wildcard to use or would rather save your wildcards for a later date, you can choose a category from the list and swap it out with a square on the card.

Example: Say that I'm having trouble filling the "Animal on the Cover" square and I've already used my wildcards, I can look at the list and choose one of the categories--say, "A Favorite Re-Read"--and swap it for the "Animal on the Cover" square.

Wildcards will work the same as they do this year. You can read any book of your choice and fill a square.

The substitutions list will be chosen from the above posted list of 67, excluding the categories that make the final card, of course.

Any questions, please ask.

1st round voting post will be up shortly!

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