Jennifer (stellar_raven) wrote in ljbookbingo,

Mod post: 2019 bingo game - Category suggestion post *NOW CLOSED - 11/19/18*

It's time!

What we'd like to do is have everyone (including Kel and I) suggest, say 10-15 categories in the comments below. Once everyone has had a chance to do that, I'll remove any duplicates and post a final list. We will then begin voting until we narrow that list down to 24 categories. Those will then make up the 2019 card.

New for this year: We will only accept suggestions for about one week or before we begin voting on final categories. Last year was a bit of a scrmble for me getting the cared created and ready in time for the new game to start, so the suggestion period will end sometime around November 18th.

So please post your suggestions below!
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