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Mod post: Third quarter drawing and we have a WINNER!

Apologies for the delay, but I had a bit of A Day yesterday.

We had nine players eligible this quarter, and you can find them listed in this post.

I used for the drawing by plugging in a minimum number of one and a maximim number of nine, and asked it to generate a number.

This was the result:

Screenshot_2018-10-02 RANDOM ORG - True Random Number Service
Congrats to brunettepet!!! If you'd like, I can make a reading related icon from a classic piece of art, or if you have something else in mind, please let me know. It does not have to be reading related. Or, you do not have to have an icon if you'd rather not.

The other remaining players will remain eligible for the fourth quarter drawing, and everyone who has bingoed is eligible for the end of the year drawing!
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