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Mod post: Third quarter drawing and a welcome!

We've had two new players join us recently, so I'd like to extend a warm welcome to spikedluv and wendelah1! We are so happy to have y'all join us!

The third quarter drawing will take place on October 1st. You have until September 30th at 11:59 pm in your time zone to report a bingo if you have not yet done so. Please make sure to use the appropriate thread in the Report Your Bingo post.

This is the list of players we have eligible at this time. If your name was left off, please let me know as soon as possible.

01. cordeliadelayne
02. schweet_heart
03. brunettepet
04. capriceum
05. honor_reid
06. deinonychus_1
07. fififolle
08. aeris444
09. spikedluv

A quick reminder of how this will work. All eligible players listed above have been assigned a number according to the order in which they reported their first bingo. On October 1st, I will go to and have their randomizer choose a number between one and whatever our final number of eligible players ends up being. I will post a screenshot of the results here. I will make the reader an icon of their choice or a reading related icon. You are under no obligation to use any icon I create, please don't feel you have to. :) The other players will advance to the 4th quarter drawing, and all players, including those who won a quarterly drawing are eligible for the end of the year drawing.

The list for the end of the year drawing looks like this so far:

(Reminder: You can earn a maximum of three entries to this drawing.)

cordeliadelayne - 3 of 3 entries earned
cordeliadelayne - 3 of 3 entries earned
schweet_heart - 2 of 3 entries earned
brunettepet - 1 of 3 entries earned
capriceum - 3 of 3 entries earned
honor_reid - 3 of 3 entries earned
deinonychus_1 - 1 of 3 entries earned
fififolle - 2 of 3 entries earned
aeris444 - 3 of 3 entries earned
spikedluv -1 of 3 entries earned

If you feel you have more entries earned than I have listed here, please let me know.

So, the end of the year drawing order looks like this:

(Again, it goes by the order in which they are reported.)

1. cordeliadelayne
2. little_huntress
3. little_huntress
4. little_huntress
5. schweet_heart
6. schweet_heart
7. brunettepet
8. capriceum
9. cordeliadelayne
10. cordeliadelayne
11. honor_reid
12. honor_reid
13. honor_reid
14. capriceum
15. deinonychus_1
16. fififolle
17. aeris444
18. aeris444
19. spikedluv
20. aeris444
21. fififolle
22. capriceum

Good luck and happy reading!

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