April 18th, 2021

dancing lion

'Book Featuring Water' rec

Once upon a time, like, over 100 years ago, Congress proposed introducing hippos to the American swamps to eat the invasive water hyacinth. The hippos would then be eaten themselves by Americans. While this never came to pass, Sarah Gailey imagines that it does in American Hippo, collecting her two novellas and two short stories. A diverse cast (and their riding hippos) plan a grand caper (operation!) in the bayous. This was a Christmas gift from 2019 and I'm kicking myself for letting it molder in my TBR stack for so long. I highly rec it! :D

Also, thanks to the mods for running these mini-challenges! I'm definitely reading more from my TBR stack, vs getting distracted by shiny new things/fanfic/chipping away at interesting but never ending nonfic tomes.