February 28th, 2021

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  • keli

One Month Left! Mini-Challenge and an opportunity for a year end prize.

Hard to believe, but there is only one month left in the COVID-19 Season 2 Stay at home and read a book 2021 LJ Book Bingo Mini Challenge! Yikes, that's a mouthful! I hope you're all staying healthy while reading and covering your squares.

Since the mini-challenge is going so well, we have decided to keep going and will even be offering a small prize again this year! For everyone who completes each mini-challenge (= blacks out their card), they will get their name in a drawing for a $25US Amazon e-gift card. If the winner is not from the US, we will do our best to get your e-gift card to you in your own currency, but it will only equal $25US. At the end of each challenge we will make a post that will give you an opportunity to post your books/card in a comment or post a link to your card. If you don't complete this challenge, don't worry! There will be four more mini-challenge opportunities to get your name in the drawing.

Good luck in the final month. Thanks for playing with us!

For anyone interested, you can see my card under the cut.

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