Jennifer (stellar_raven) wrote in ljbookbingo,

Post May check-in...

Hope things are going well for everyone!

Another month down...and another check-in post!

How's everyone doing?

Anyone close to a bingo yet? Have you filled any more squares? If so, which ones? What books are you looking forward to reading in the coming months? Need any recs to fill a particular square? Have any recs to others?

There will be a drawing at the end of this month among those who have bingoed. The winner will get an icon of their choice made by me (if they want). You can check my current user pics for examples of my work. I'm not the greatest at it, but I do ok...I think.

Or, I may just offer icons to everyone who has bingoed during the second quarter, depending on how many people it is.

I will repost the info about the drawing in a mod post closer to the end of the month.
Tags: 2018 book bingo, monthly check in

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