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Mod post: 2018 bingo game - Round 3 voting results

We had five people voting in the third round! And the comments in that entry are now unscreened, so that everyone can see what all was voted for. And to also double check my tallying, lol.

Of the top vote getters, we had two categories that got five votes and two categories that got four votes, so all four of those categories will make the card. We also had five categories that got three votes, so I will use to fill the two remaining spots form those five categories.

The top vote getters were:

A romance (5 votes)
At or near the bottom of your TBR pile (5 votes)
Number or color in the title (4 votes)
Animal on the cover (4 votes)

The five categories that had three votes each are:

Blind Book (pick a random free ebook, or possibly even letting a random generator pick a book from your TBR list)
Set on or near a holiday
TV tie-in/turned into a tv show

I numbered the categories 1-5 in the above order and then had the randomizer give me a number. Here's the result:


So, "script/screenplay" makes the card!

I then numbered the categories 1-4 in the above order (Blind Book being #1 and Humor/Satire being #4) and then had the randomizer give me a number. Here's the result:


So that means "TV tie-in/Turned into a tv show" makes the card!

That makes our final third round list look like this:

A romance
At or near the bottom of your TBR pile
Number or color in the title
Animal on the cover
TV tie-in/Turned into a tv show

These six categories will make up the next six squares on the board.

Fourth and final round voting post will open shortly! Thanks to everyone who voted in the third round!
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